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Housekeeping- Sharing this afternoon, Loop update, Regional Support Programme, roll out UFB, RBI and NfL announcement.
The Fruit Picker App-
Apimac Timer for Apple-
Ring Diane at Nayland if there are Loop issues 03 547 9769

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Update Progress:
Jamie video, app, Newsletter circulation, SKYPE, RSS, revise progress developing a network within the VLN-
How have you found it to be useful? How are others on your staff using it?
How have you promoted it?

Draft Regional Support Programme
Click here to download the Draft Regional Support Programme.

Click below to download the Loop draft November Newsletter.

Click here to download projector offer

Strategic Planning

We will be looking at models and tools to help principals with their strategic thinking around eLearning and outlining the support the cluster can offer principals with their strategic planning.

Home School Partnership

We will also be looking at resources for enhancing the home school partnership. There are some really solid ideas on the VLN discussion around ways to foster home/school partnerships.

Here is a summary of the last Lead Teacher Day notes on the VLN

Planning for 2012 and beyond

We will be reiterating the purpose and goals of the cluster and seeking feedback around priorities for 2012.

Russell Bishop:
Click here to download.

Here is a link to a Google Doc for taking notes on- make sure you are logged in to Google when you view it so you will be able to find it again easily.

As part of this we will be using a quick survey to help schools evaluate their current eLearning capacity and goals so we can better align our cluster support for you in 2012.

We would like to extend the hand of collaboration to the principals of the Whakatu Cluster as well as they may like to gain an understanding of our progress thus far and strategic planning for the year ahead with a view to joining the regional cluster next in 2012 should they wish too.
Sharing- come along prepared to give a short presentation to the group about a successful way you have engaged students or raised achievement using ICT since our last meeting.

Or be prepared to engage the group in conversation around a challenge you have had that you would like discussion about.

Here is the Google Doc with the links to what we shared in the after noon