Lead Teacher Day
Tuesday 28 June 2011 8:30 till 3:00pm

Stay on afterwards for a relaxed coffee and chat.

1. Discussion of Cyber Safety and Resources to support helping children/adults learn safe practices.


2. Signing up to Skype as means of communication. Make sure it is downloaded BEFORE you come to the meeting.


A Google Doc with Skype resources

3. VLN- sign up, take a tour, profile, join Link Learning Cluster and interest groups, messaging, searching, bookmarking, linking, blogging, getting familiar with how to make the VLN work for you.


Here is a site that I have written to support you when you join your teachers up to the VLN when you go back to your schools.


Our focus for the next half year is on developing a home school partnership. Use the VLN to share what you do in your school.


4. Foreshadowing next term’s digital storytelling competition and the MADE Awards



4. Everyone is going to be asked to lead a 3 minute discussion or talk about tools you use to link with parents and homes using ICT.

Please record what it is that you intend to share so there are no double ups.

Here is the Link to our last shared Google Doc in case you want to refer to it.

You can add to today’s Google Dochere http://goo.gl/HiBfr

Looking forward to seeing you there