Here is the link to our agenda for the day and who was there.

Ken Robinson's Video

To see this video in YouTube click where it says YouTube on the bottom right hand corner.

Here's a question I would like you to consider after having watched the video.

"Do you think Sir Ken Robinson is correct when he says we should not be educating children in batches- graded according to age?"

We will be using a Knowledge Cafe type of conversation when discussing this question.

We will then look at your role as an ICT Lead Teacher.

And our future programme ideas for 2011.

After morning tea we had a workshop on creating a sense of community through using an RSS feed- setting one up with Google Reader and adding blogs and wikis to it from our cluster contacts page. Remember to get this done and add to it and leave comments for people to encourage.

We will spend any spare time after having constructed an RSS feed reading, commenting and encouraging people who are sharing their classroom content on line.

Your expectation between now and our next get together is to regularly use your RSS feed to check out what other people are sharing on line and leave them feedback to encourage them.

If you like a 'how to' pdf on how to set up an RSS feed click here.


After lunch we will talk about the the upcoming Unconference next Saturday at 10am at Brightwater School. Please sign up for it now if you can attend.

And the Ulearn wiki started by Cherryl where people who have attended from this cluster and others are sharing their reflections and workshops.

The links will be here to our afternoon sharing.

Craig shared his Wiimote- interactive whiteboard pen. As I write this I wondered how it would go with this free IWB software for Mac or PC.

And here is Phunland download on PC. Mac or Linux - the interactive physics sandbox where you test the effects of various substances on obkects- remember the Sumo wrestler!!!

John from Hampden Street shared his book trailer idea.

Rebecca shared her adventure with Rock Our World- a class project where her class co-writes music and interacts with other classes around the world.!/pages/Rock-Our-World/46190627445

Tia shared the way she uses her juniors to record their world with photographs.

Sally shared the Nelson Central wikispace they use to share and remember their techie breakies.

Fiona shared Screenhunter for taking screengrabs on a PC

On an Apple SHIFT + APPLE (Command or ⌘ ) + 4 for screen grab or I can really recommend Skitch for screengrabs you can write and draw arrows on and one click publish on the net.

Glenda shared new innovations in KnowledgeNet 10.

To record screen grabs is great - quick and easy and web based- no software download needed.

Symon shared the Hector's World Cyber Safety Resource- older kids and parents like it too.

Stefan shared on line audio books

Denise shared the partly free and partly paid ICT resource site

And Symon mentioned Crazytalk is that the right site Symon- it says its a paid service with a free trial!!

Charles shared the Catching the Knowledge Wave book

Cheryl shared for greabbibg cheap deals for stuff around Nelson

Allanah shared the Digital Diet Book that she can get for $25- three copies left- first in first served.

And her Basic Facts Wiki for assisting children learn their basic facts.

Thanks people for a great day of sharing and conversation.

Shame about the lack of internet- we've got to work that out.


Allanah, Charles and Tim