We can use this page to share any resources we can find to point us to learning more about learning Management Systems.
This Google Doc by Dave Young has many resources and links to videos that may useful as well.
Allanah's notes from the LMS Day- Click here to download a pdf.

Firstly go to our Wallwisher and record some of your burning questions that you want to find some resolution to as regards Learning Management Systems.


What is an LMS? - we need to agree on our terminology - the nomenclature itself is problematic, as referred to in a recent report from Ofsted

  • "VLEs might also be called a learning management system (LMS), course management system (CMS), learning content management system (LCMS), managed learning environment (MLE), learning support system (LSS), online learning centre (OLC) or learning platform (LP).

Paul Seiler provides a very accessible explanation of how MLE's, SMS's and LMS's/OLE's interrelate...... Check out slides 4 - 5.
Paul's slides from today's session-

Then Derek Wenmoth's pdf makes the important link between institutional MLE's and a user's Personal Learning Environment (PLE).

So what might we expect in a LMS.........


'School Use of Learning Platforms and Associated Technologies'

"A learning platform is an integrated set of interactive online services that provide teachers, learners, parents and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management. It is not a single 'off the shelf' product but a collection of tools and services designed to support teaching, learning, management and administration. In implementing a learning platform, education providers can tailor its functionality to the needs of their users by bringing together a range of different software applications which have particular features. These can be commercial or open source products, self-built resources or free-to-use web services. The existence of technical standards means that these tools can be integrated into a cohesive online environment which users access through a single entry point. BECTA May 2010"

Download the whole report School_use_of_learning_platforms_and_associated_technologies.pdf.

From that report the benefits of using a LMS can include

1. Improved organisation of information and communication across the school.
2. Increasing parental involvement and supporting learning at home.
3. Increased opportunities for independent and personalised learning.
4. Enhancing the accessibility, quality, relevance and range of learning resources.
5. Improved processes of monitoring and assessment for learning and teaching.
6. Increased opportunities for collaborative learning and interaction.
7. Enhancing digital resources.
8. Making best use of teachers’ time.
9. Facilitating effective and strategic leadership and management of teaching.
10. Supporting additional educational needs and inclusion.
11. Improved management of student behaviour and attendance.
12. Building the school identity and community.

Paul Seiler's 2009 Slideshow from the MLE Roadshow

Paul's Slideshow from his Nelson presentation.


TKI Resource designed to provide information to assist schools as they develop and manage an online learning environment (OLE) (same thing as an LMS) in order to provide quality learning experiences for all students.
Use the website to:
• identify your current and future learning and teaching needs to tailor an for your school
• keep up to date with current thinking, educational practice, and developments in technology
• find resources and explore a range of software options to establish or update your school’s OLE.

Here are some MoE guidelines for decision making about the adoption of an LMS. The information and questions are designed to assist members of a school’s management team and staff who may be considering the adoption or adaptation of a learning management system (LMS) for their school.

Here is the second phase of guidelines that offers a series of statements and prompts designed to help you to consider and assess some of the purposes (learning resources,learning processes, learning organisation, administration, and technical) of a learning management system (LMS) and determine a list of priority features required to best suit your local interests and needs.

Here are some questions posted in her blog that Allanah had about LMS and some very helpful responses to those questions from her Personal Learning Network.http://allanahk.edublogs.org/2010/08/12/why-would-a-school-pay-good-money-for-a-learning-management-system/
Here are Allanah's Delicious Links on LMS

What is an ePortfolio?

“An e-portfolio is an electronic format for learners to record their work, their achievements and their goals, to reflect on their learning, and to share and be supported in this. It enables learners to represent the information in different
formats and to take the information with them as they move between institutions.”

Here is a report 'ePortfolio+Celebrating+Learning.pdf' a New Zealand context.

This YouTube Video might give you some easy to digest background on where the ePortfolio sits for learners- both children and adults.

Jamin Lietze from Bethlehem College in Tauranga recently facilitated an ePortfolio Day and shared his resources here.http://eportfoliosnz.wikispaces.com/ Here is Jamin's presentation from that ePortfolio day.

Here is a list of questionsfrom his participants about ePortfolios- a little like our LMS Wallwisher.
ePortfolio Slideshow from Nick Rate

A wiki link explaining research from Dr Helen Barrett regarding the development of e-portfolios.http://wiki.rscwmsystems.org.uk/index.php/Eportfolios

Link to Judy and Martha's Moodle video.
Moodle and Mahara working together.

KnowledgeNET SMS inter-operability.

Some interesting blog posts on the development of LMShttp://learnonline.wordpress.com/2009/01/23/lms-vles-oh-ples-what-next-eportfolios/

Looking at Parent Portals

"In February the Minister announced an initiative to fund schools to implement a parent portal or a learning management system that provides parents and students access to online information that supports teaching and learning. The purpose of the initiative is to further strengthen links between school and home, by enabling parents and whānau to engage in learning conversations with teachers and their children". reported by GCSN

Two examples:



The MOE have also sponsored the development of an open source parental portal which will provide a school with a stand-alone open source parental portal which can be automatically updated from the school’s SMS. Nayland and Nelson Girls have developed their own.
Derek's slideshare presentation to 2009 ePrincipals- An Overview of Virtual learning Developments- go full screen to see slides more clearly.

MyPortfolio Registration Links-To register your school- enter your details and they will get back to you smartly with your school particulars.http://myportfolio.school.nz/registration.phpTo register yourself within MyPortfoliohttp://myportfolio.school.nz/register.php
Ian Munro talks on behalf of the Ministry of Education. MLE Reference Group

- Single Sign On and Data management
- Research commissioned by the MOE of NZ and completed in July 2009 called “ePortfolios Celebrating Learning” .
- The MOE’s future direction in regards to ePortfolios

ePortfolio Pedagogy: MOE Presentation from Edtech Ultranet on Vimeo.