Whakatu Cluster generously invited us to join with them in learning with Tony Ryan in February 2010

Here is a Google Doc with his presentation notes embedded on it.



Here are some links that come from the Wakatu cluster, 20 October, 2010 as written up by Allanah

If we work together we can be in even stronger still.


Curriculum Conference Wednesday 20 October, 2010

Cockle Bay School resources on National Standards


Cockle Bay Bay School Resources on our Curriculum


Mary Chamberlain's Curriculum

Mary's slides are available for download above..

Four critical factors to success:

  • Active parental support for children's learning and well-being

  • Effective teaching for diverse students

  • Effective school leadership

  • Effective professional learning for teaching- the principal turns up to professional development to support the learners- both students and teachers. Modelling the principal as a learner as well as staff.

And if students are surrounded by people who are learners then they are off to a really strong start. Deliberate modelling of behaviours that we want children to have- curious, habits of mind type stuff, critical, confident, actively involved, connected learners.

Be honest with students- they know they are struggling- by not talking about it kids they feel they their struggles are a part of 'who they are'. By talking about it kids know more that it is a temporary state that we can do something about. Together we can do something about it- but we have to do it together. Realise that it will take some time and effort to succeed and make improvements.

The critical thing is the conversations around national standards that will make a difference-

  • This means I can....

  • Can I help you with...

  • Look at the progress I have made...

  • I am working on...

  • My teacher is helping me with...

  • My teacher is helping me with...

What does it mean to read AT the standard.


There will be a series of these in the gazette to follow- then after that there will be a series on what does it mean to be not on the standard- what about kids who are on the cusp????

Making Overall Teacher Judgements (OTJs) At this point in time (at the end of the year), moderation. Personally here is where I think ICT can play a great part. I teach in a small school and I am the only teacher at my school that teaches Year Four. I should put up, say a writing sample, and ask my PLN for their judgements.

Like this- is this child's work at standard for Year Four...



Justin Neal Mahana School presentation talks about building student voice

  • Using wrist bands with school vision on them. Children earn a new wrist band by doing good works that coincide with the vision.

  • Building some strategic goals. Keep it simple so that it is something that people can understand. Three areas to focus on. The vision is paramount.

  • Then development of a curriculum that reflects thevision but doesn't try to rewrite our NZ curriculum.

  • Give kids a camera and ask them to film what is the vision? Or whatever. Like what is a fraction? Could be a great info gathering and for assessment tool.

Russell Burt Point England

Is it OK to say we love the kids! They need to hear it. Can I say it. I'm not sure?

Behavioural outcomes need to be part of what teachers plan- chose one. Make it across the school and see the change.

Shared understandings of what we teach before we get to how we teach- pedagogy.

eg Science process- hypothesis and test.
Technology process- problem solving- these things are quite different. Teachers need to know the difference so they know what they want to teach.

Ability to link practice to evidence that the changes that they make have made a difference- hopefully positive difference. Improvement cycles. How your review cycle actually do work- your evaluative capability.


So what?

Now what?

School leaders- need to be able to categorise, design and manage interventions and professional development cycles. Be strong and secure in the work that we are doing.

Point England Te Hapara Dashboard for Google App ask Dorothy when we get to the next step to use it. $1 per kid.


Talk about who gets the stuff- Russell has 1-1 deal paying $375 for 1-1 netbooks. If we want to bulk buy get in contact thru Equico. On the school stationery list. The netbook is the pen- the book is in the cloud.

Resources from this session on the cluster http://www.manaiakalani.org/

Education has to be an open source project.

Now to Dorothy from Point England to conclude....

http://goo.gl/JMQi Link to a Google Presentation of Dorothy's slides

Being confident- knowing who we are - knowing your whakapapa. People who don't know who they are and don't know where they come from won't know where they are going.

Knowing why you are there! Not for the holidays or to save the children, but to make a difference to children. Why are YOU doing this?

Confident teachers know what to do? What to do when things go wrong. Knowing which battle to pick to win the war! Knowing how to interact with different people- BoT, other teachers, adults, parents- what to do when contacted by people on Facebook!

Knowing which channel to use to communicate with others- email, Twitter, Facebook,phone, cellphone, fax,

"If you get this job what will you do to make sure you are ahead of the kids?"