Link Learning ICTPD Principals’ Morning
Tuesday 23 August 2011

Venue: Honest Lawyer, Monaco

Date: Tuesday 23 August 2011 9:00 till 12:30

Lead Teacher Day - Thursday 25th August at the Honest Lawyer.

Agenda: Coffee from 8:30am, starting at 9am

9:00 Developing your PLN (personal learning network) - reporting back on the questionnaire from our last meeting.

9:30 Sharing eLearning challenges and successes especially around Home School Partnerships

Relievers Availability Gerald or

10:30 Morning Tea

10:45 Frameworks for __Strategic Thinking around eLearning__- introducing ideas and resources that may help. Discussing what assistance you would like from the cluster.

12:00. Finding out how we can support you- articles ready made for school newsletter, home school partnership on VLN ...

5. Digital Storytelling Competition and after school workshops including the Blogging Day on 30 August- venue TBA


eTV Seminar Friday 2 September at 2pm at Honest Lawyer