Principal's Seminar

15 October, 2010

  • Charles gave a presentation on where we are up to re ICT in this region and nationally. Here is his Powerpoint. It is 11MB.

  • More detailed information on SNUP upgrades can be found here

Or on the cluster wiki here.

  • We had a discussion as to why we were not on the NEN (National Education Network). We hope to be back on early next year when a work around can be facilitated. Next year costs likely to be $1 per student per month, up a little from this year.

  • A discussion followed about the notion of virtualisation of school servers and why this, ultimately, is an ideal way to go. The prediction was made that in ten years schools won't be running their own servers on their own property.

  • According to the latest data from comScore, Internet users over the age of 15 conducted over 29 million searches per minute in 2009. Overall, the global search market grew 46% in 2009. Unsurprisingly, Google continues to have a commanding lead in this market. Worldwide, Google accounted for 66% of all searches conducted in 2009 by Internet users over 15.

  • We talked about managed risk. Use on line resources but use them wisely.


  • We were astonished by the possibilities of Google Translate which translates any web page into another language in seconds. I gave it a try on the Nelson Mail translating English into French and later Thai. Give it a try.


  • In Charles' presentation he shared this graphic which identifies change and its affects.


  • Allanah showed a link to the Google Presentation started by Darren Kuropatwa and slightly adapted on Leading Well.

  • Suggestions for cluster user groups

e-Tap Group
Google Group
e-Portfolio Group
K'Net Group
Blogging Group
Wiki Group
Audio Group
Podcasting Group