A. Advice to schools wanting to receive a network upgrade.....

1. Firstly read this page on the MOE site


2. Next – register your interest by emailing the following address network.upgrades@minedu.govt.nz

The criteria are:
- Rural secondary school
- Area school
- Schooling Improvement school
- Te Kotahitanga school
- ICT PD school
- Receiving satellite broadband
- Already taking a fibre service
- NEN trial school
- e-asTTle school
- VLN e-learning cluster
- Member of an ultra-fast broadband cluster

It’s important that the MOE have your criteria details correct so we suggest you write to Jennifer Dixon jennifer.dixon@minedu.govt.nz listing all the criteria your school meets and stressing any other reasons you can think of that might improve your case!

B. Early Notification of Student Non- Attendance

In early February 2010 the Minister of Education approved a range of initiatives (12 in total) to improve student attendance and engagement in schools. One of the initiatives is looking to build schools' IT capability to effectively manage attendance, and the Early Notification (EN) workstream is part of this wider initiative.

To improve student attendance and engagement, schools’ IT capability must be enriched to make better use of the available software and communication technology. All schools will be encouraged to consider the suitability of **electronic attendance registers** (eAR) and the advantages offered over and above paper registers. EN extends the benefit of eAR by acting on absence information in a timely manner.

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